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Abt Law Office

A southwest Wisconsin lawyer serving individuals and families, farms and small businesses since 1982

Today's rural market is nothing like that of yesteryear. Today, even family farms are highly financed businesses with hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock, land, and equipment. Small businesses service a growing rural market and, through the Internet, market their wares to a nationwide or worldwide audience.

With the phenomenal growth of southwest Wisconsin into interstate commerce, however, come increasing government intervention and other legal issues. As more and more people spread out from cities to take advantage of the many opportunities afforded in the area, Wisconsin residents need legal services they can rely on in a variety of legal areas.

We understand the needs of the rural businesses and farms of southwest Wisconsin.

scales Southwest Wisconsin lawyer David Abt's family has been involved in farming in the area for generations, and he understands the issues even as they change. He is actively involved in a neighborhood farming operation and building supply company, so he knows the small business market and its needs. As Westby City Attorney, he is conversant in regional government and well acquainted with all of the area's legal concerns. This three-fold experience is put at your disposal at Abt Law Office.

In addition to being Westby City Attorney, David Abt has been on the board of directors of the Wisconsin Academy of Trial Lawyers for ten years. A talented and aggressive trial attorney, he has a track record of success including a large award for his clients in a class action products liability suit against a milking parlor. He fights to ensure his clients obtain the best possible outcome, whatever their legal issue. Contact our Vernon County law office for a consultation.

gavelPersonal Injury Cases:
Contact a lawyer before you admit anything, sign anything, or accept an insurance settlement. We will examine your case carefully, help you ensure you do not settle for a less than adequate settlement, research all potentially liable third parties, and negotiate for your best interests. When a trial is necessary, David Abt is vigorous trial attorney who will fight for your rights.

Defective Products:
We help clients who have been injured or financially damaged by dangerous or defective farm equipment, milking equipment, household appliances, industrial equipment, car parts, toys, and any other product. Do not just accept the cost to you of defective products. Let us negotiate with the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer for you. If in your interest, we can litigate effectively for your rights.

Divorce and Family Law:
When divorce is necessary, emotions are high. Do not sign a temporary custody or support agreement without seeing an attorney first. Let us help you work with your ex-spouse to obtain an appropriate arrangement. We will protect your rights while we work to protect your family. We will help you resolve child custody and support, spousal support, visitation and parenting issues, and property settlements.

For both businesses and individuals, the bankruptcy rules are becoming stricter as of October 17, 2005. Let us help you consider your finances now and determine what your options are while you can still file under the old rules. Contact southwest Wisconsin Lawyer David Abt for a review of your situation.

Real Estate:
Now that rural land values, mineral rights, and water rights are increasing rapidly in value, real estate investments can bring great rewards but also great risks. Never sign a real estate purchase or sale agreement, easement, or any other legal document without first consulting a lawyer.

Business and Farm Law:
David Abt is a successful local businessman and farmer in addition to his legal practice hand and gavel and position as Westby City Attorney. He can astutely advise you in all business transactions from start-up and business formation to business succession planning and how to minimize estate taxes. When disputes arise, he is an perceptive negotiator and effective litigator.

Contact Abt Law Office today for legal representation from an area professional. We offer reasonable rates and can arrange payment plans if necessary. We look forward to working with you.